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How can I organize materials?
How can I organize materials?
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This article discusses how to organize materials by attaching materials to folders, attaching materials to a student, and adding materials to a session.

You can attach a material to a student or a folder.

Hover over the material and click the "+" button on the bottom left. From there, you can attach the material to a student and/or a folder.

You can also save materials to your groups from inside of a session.

While in the session you would like to attach materials to, click on the Materials tab. From here, you can click on the "Attach Materials" button in the top right, or by clicking the "Attach Materials" icon on the left.

From here, you are able to search SLP Now's materials as well as custom materials you uploaded. To attach them to the session, hover over the material and click the paper clip icon. This will attach the material to your session.

For more on adding custom materials, click here.

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