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How do I create my schedule in the Planner?
How do I create my schedule in the Planner?
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Here's how to schedule sessions in your SLP Now Planner!

  1. Navigate to the Planner.

  2. Click on the Create Session button on the top right of the page.

  3. Enter your session details.

  4. Click on the Students tab to add students to your session.

    1. Select a student from the dropdown menu and click "Add Student."

    2. If you set up goals for your students, the goals will “automagically” appear!

    3. Repeat if you'd like to add more students.

Session Details

  • Title: Include a brief description of the group (e.g., 3rd Grade Language).

  • Type: You can choose to set the session type as Therapy, or you can schedule in time for paperwork or meetings! You can also create custom types.

  • Activity: Enter the activity that you have planned for the session. This area can be quickly edited when you are in the List view of the planner.

  • Start/End Time: Enter the times you'd like to start and end your session.

  • Notes: You can use this section to make general notes (e.g., what you need to prep).

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