How do I duplicate a session?
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Duplicating a session is super easy and a huge time saver! 

  1. Click on a session in the Planner.

  2. Click on the Duplicate link at the top of the page. (This will create a copy of your original session.)

  3. Update your session details.

This feature is particularly helpful when it comes to make-up sessions.

You can also use this feature if you have a schedule change. 

Let's do a quick example!
I was seeing my 2nd Grade Language Group on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11am. On September 5, they moved to Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9am.

  1. Click on the last session before the schedule change.

  2. Click "Duplicate."

  3. Update the Start Date, End Date, Start Time, End Time, and repeating days (as needed).

  4. Click "Save."

  5. Delete "All Future Sessions" for the old version of the session.

Note: You can update the time for repeating sessions without having to go through all of these steps. Simply click on the session and update the time. This process is ideal if the day of the week changes!

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