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How do I log data when I use a Smart Deck?
How do I log data when I use a Smart Deck?
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You can access all of our Smart Decks on the Materials page.

Hover over a material cover and click the lightning bolt icon to launch the Smart Deck.

Click on the Student icon to start collecting data.

If you want data to auto-populate in a session, select a session from the Sessions tab and click Continue. (If you open a session before you launch a Smart Deck, refresh your session to load the data once you've completed the Smart Deck activity.)

If you prefer not to auto-populate data in a session, select a student from the Students tab and click Continue.

Either option will create a note that includes students' responses and accuracy. You can view the note on the Notes page. Select Smart Deck from the Note Type dropdown menu to only view these notes.

Once you select a Session or Student, icon(s) will appear above the slides. You should see an icon with each student's initials.

To take data, click on a student's initials. Then, select a goal. Click the buttons to track their accuracy.

This is what the note looks like:

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