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How do I transfer a student?
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1. Go to the Caseload page.

2. Select the student(s) you'd like to transfer using the checkbox to the left of their name.

3. Select Transfer from the Bulk Actions dropdown menu.

4. Enter the receiving SLP's email. (They must have an active SLP Now account).

5. Click Continue.

6. Approve the transfer by clicking Send Transfer Request.

The receiving SLP will receive an e-mail with instructions to accept the student.

The student(s) will also appear on the SLP's "Transfers In" tab.

Need to cancel a transfer? Click on the Transfer Out tab, then select the student and click the Cancel Transfer button.

After a successful transfer, the receiving SLP will see the following information when they open the transferred student's student profile from the Caseload tab:

  • Demographic information and service minutes (under the Student Info tab),

  • The most recent IEP Period with the student's goals (under the Goals tab), and

  • A downloadable PDF containing all of the previous SLP's data and notes for the student (under the Documents tab, see screenshot below for reference).

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