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How do I update an expired IEP period?
How do I update an expired IEP period?
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In this post, we will describe how SLP Now alerts you of expired IEP periods, as well as how to successfully update the IEP period and goals.

Watch the video below, or scroll through this post for the written steps.

When an IEP has expired, a pop-up will occur after you enter the Session and click on the Students tab.

After clicking OK, you will see a red (EXPIRED) appear next to the student's IEP period, as shown below.

If you attempt to collect data on a goal from an expired IEP, a message will appear prompting you to update the expired IEP period.

After you click on Update IEP, it will redirect you to the student's profile. Enter the student's new IEP period and then click Add New IEP Period. Then, you can enter the new speech goals. Click Save.

You will be given the choice to update all future sessions following the new IEP period date. This will auto-populate the new IEP and goals into future sessions!

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