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What ages is the membership for?

Which materials in the membership are appropriate for preschool, elementary, junior high and/or high school (secondary) students?

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We strive to create a library of materials that will empower any school-based SLP to serve their caseload (PK-12).

You'll find a lot more detail below, but why not check it out for yourself? Sign up for our 14-day trial to check out our full materials library for free!

Skill Packs

First, we've created a library of skill-based resources. This includes assessments, teaching visuals, and activities for structured practice. We cover the following skills (and are always adding more):

Speech Sound Disorders

  • All speech sounds, from isolation to conversation

  • Apraxia

  • Phonological processes

  • Phonological awareness


  • Regular/Irregular Past Tense Verbs

  • Regular/Irregular Plural Nouns

  • Pronouns

  • Compound Sentences

  • Complex Sentences


  • Basic Concepts

  • Categories

  • Object Functions

  • Compare & Contrast

  • Context Clues

  • Idioms

  • Multiple Meaning Words

  • Prefixes

  • Suffixes


  • Following Directions

  • Narratives/Story Grammar

  • WH Questions

  • Fact/Opinion

  • Inferencing

  • Main Idea

  • Summarizing

Social Language

  • Conversation

  • Emotions

  • Perspective Taking

  • Problem Solving

  • Sarcasm


We also created a variety of units that can be used for contextualized practice of the skills listed above (and more!).

  • Core Vocabulary Units: For emerging communicators

  • Early Language Units: For preschool/early elementary students

  • Themed Units: For preschool/elementary students

  • Reading Passage Units: For upper elementary and secondary students

  • Fiction Units: For upper elementary and secondary students

  • Nonfiction Units: For upper elementary and secondary students

  • Science Experiment Units: For upper elementary and secondary students

  • Vocational Units: For secondary students

We are constantly working to expand the library of materials and we'd love to take your requests!

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