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How do I add an assistant to my account?
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Before you add an assistant to your account, make sure that the clinician you are inviting has an SLP Now account. This is important because they will not receive the invite unless it is sent to the email their account is listed under.

First, go to Your Profile. On the left-hand side, you will click on the Assistant Accounts button. Next, you will click Invite Assistant.

After clicking the Invite Assistant button, a pop-up will appear. This is where you will enter the assistant’s email address. It is important that you use the same email address that is associated with their SLP Now account, or they will not be able to receive the invitation! After entering their email, click Send Invite Email.

After the SLP sends an invitation to their assistant, the assistant will receive an email with the subject line “[SLP Now] You have been invited to assist in managing an SLP Now Caseload!”

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