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How do I create and take data on stem levels?
How do I create and take data on stem levels?
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In this post we will discuss:

  1. Creating Stem Levels using goals from the Goal Bank

  2. Creating Stem Levels using a Custom Goal

  3. Taking data on stem levels

Before we get started, let's quickly review what a Goal Stem & Goal Level are:

Goal Stem = what the goal is targeting
Goal Level = the levels at which you target the goal

e.g., Goal Stem = produce /r/, Goal Levels = at word level, at phrase level

1. Creating Goal Levels using a goal from the Goal Bank:

If you are choosing a goal from the goal bank, there are set stem levels attached to each goal.

2. Creating Stem Levels using a Custom Goal:

To add a stem level to a custom goal, you must first add the goal and click save. Next, scroll down to the goal you added and click Edit.

After you click Edit, you can add however many Custom Stem Levels as you need, and click Add Level, and then save.

3. Collecting Data on Stem Levels:

In order to collect data on the different stem levels, you will need to make sure you select the stem levels while on the students profile in Caseload.

When using the live Data Collection Tool, you can select the Stem Level you want to target from the dropdown to take data on that Stem Level. If you wish to take data on another Stem Level, click the "Take data for another level" button.

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