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Which features change when I add an assistant?
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When you add an assistant to your account, there are a few feature updates.

Feature updates include:

1. You can assign and remove students to/from your assistant.

There is a new option in the Bulk Actions dropdown on the Caseload page to Assign Assistant or Remove Assistant.

After selecting the student(s) you’d like to assign to your assistant, choose the assistant from the dropdown, and click Assign.

2. You can view which assistant is assigned to the student in the Column titled "Assigned User."

On the Caseload page, you can now add a column to view the "Assigned User". This makes it easy to view which students are assigned to which assistant.

3. You can view your assistant’s schedule.

Go to the Planner. At the top of the page, there is now a Select Assistant dropdown where you can choose which schedule you’d like to view.

4. You can view students’ attendance and session notes completed by the assistant.

As the supervising SLP, data taken by the assistant is linked back to your account. This includes being able to view students’ attendance as well as session notes completed by the assistant. Similarly, the assistant can view any notes that you documented on your shared student.

To review students’ attendance, head to the Schedule tab in a student’s profile. You can now view who saw the student under the Provider column.

When generating an attendance sheet, you can also clearly view which days a student was seen by an assistant, as indicated by the (A).

When an assistant creates a session note, the note will automatically show in your account. To view notes, you can go to the student’s profile, and click on the Notes tab. From here, you can review notes that were created by the assistant by using the "Select Assistant" filter.

5. You can sign off on notes created by the Assistant.

After the assistant creates a note, you can sign off on the note.

There are two ways to sign off on your SLPA’s notes.

For the first method, head to the Caseload tab. From there, click into the student you’d like to sign the notes for. Once in the student’s profile, click the Notes tab.

As the supervising SLP, you are able to sign off on the note by clicking the signature icon on the top right-hand side of the note.

Once you click on the signature icon to sign the note, you will see the message “Signed off by ___” followed by the date and time that the note was signed at the bottom of the note.

For the second method, you can head to the Notes tab.

Here, you can click on the signature icon at the top right-hand side of the note to add your signature. When you add your signature, you will see the message “Signed off by ___” followed by the date and time that the note was signed at the bottom of the note.

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