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Do I have to use the Assistant Account feature if I am an assistant?
Do I have to use the Assistant Account feature if I am an assistant?
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As an SLPA, there are many benefits to using SLP Now, as well as the Assistant Account feature. However, you do not have to use the Assistant Account feature to utilize SLP Now as an Assistant.

Can I still access all of the features included in the SLP Now membership?

Yes! While logged into your primary account, you have access to all of the features SLP Now has to offer.

How does using the Assistant Account feature streamline communication with the SLP?

Utilizing the Assistant Account feature helps streamline communication with your supervising SLP.

  • Instantly shares data and session notes with the supervising SLP

  • Shares your schedule with the supervising SLP

  • Updates made by the supervising SLP automatically reflect to students shared with your Assistant Account

  • Updates the supervising SLP of student attendance under the Schedule tab

* It is important to note that the Assistant Account feature can only be used if both the Assistant and the supervising SLP have an SLP Now account!

For more information on the Assistant Account feature, click here.

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