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How can the Assessment feature help me write goals?
How can the Assessment feature help me write goals?
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This article discusses how to create goals using the Assessment feature.

After administering an assessment to your student, you can click View Recommendations to review goal recommendations based on the student's performance on the assessment.

On this page, you can select a goal in the left panel to create a goal or collect probe data.

For example, after clicking "produce /d/", different stem levels appear on the right. To take probe data, click on Probe under the "Actions" column.

After clicking on Probe, a probe modal will pop up. From here, you can take the probe data to gather a baseline for the stem level. Click Save after administering the probe items. (You do not have to administer all 10 items.)

After clicking Save, you will see the data appear under the "Score" column. You now have the option to click Create Goal.

When you click Create Goal, you will see the text change to "Goal Created."

To see the new goal, click Save and Back. Head to the Goals tab within the student's profile. You will now see the Goal Stem, Stem Level, and Baseline Accuracy input here.

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