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How can I use the Planner to plan my sessions?
How can I use the Planner to plan my sessions?
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You can easily update your daily activities using the Planner in List view by reviewing your previous session's note. Scroll through this post for the written steps.

Click on the Planner tab.

Go to the List view.

For this update, you will need the "Activity" and "Actions" columns added to "Current Columns."

For more information on how to Edit Column Settings, check out this article.

While in the List view, click on the sticky note icon. This will display the current session’s note, as well as the previous session's note.

After the page opens, copy the information from the “Plan” portion of your previous session note.

Exit out of this modal and click on the edit button under Activity.

To update the current day’s session activity, erase your previous activity, and paste your plan from the previous note into the box. Click Save.

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