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How do I personalize my Planner in the List view?
How do I personalize my Planner in the List view?
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You can customize how your planner looks while in the List view. Watch the video below or scroll through this post for the written steps.

Click on the Planner tab.

Go to the List view.

On the right side of the page, click on the grid icon to edit the List view columns.

Items in the “Current Columns” are what will be shown on your Planner List View. Items in “Available Columns” are what is available to add to your “Current Columns.”

To move items from “Available Columns” to “Current Columns”, click on the item you’d like to move, and then click Add.

After clicking Add, this column will move from “Available Columns” to “Current Columns.” After adding the columns you would like displayed, click Save.

Now you will see the columns you selected displayed in your Planner List View.

For information on how to update your activities for your current sessions for the day, check out this article.

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