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How do I collect probe data?
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In this article, we are going to discuss how to collect probe data using the built-in probes feature.

Below is a video walkthrough of this feature. Scroll below for a written walkthrough of this feature.

When collecting data for goals using the live data collection tool, you can click the Probe Data button and the probe will launch.

It is important to note that this built-in probe feature is only connected to goals from the goal bank. It does not populate for custom goals.

If visuals are required to administer the probe, you’ll find a Download Visuals button to access the visuals for that goal as well. We recommend having the visuals open on one screen and the live data collection open on another.

From here, you can select the check mark for correct answers and the "X" for incorrect answers. Click Save.

After taking the probe data, it is graphed with a star icon. This should appear once you click Save and Edit. Probe accuracy auto-populates in the gray box to the right of "Level of Support".

You can then load probe data to your note template by customizing your note template to include the corresponding variables. You can also export your probe data! Click here to learn more.

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