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How can I use probe data for progress notes?
How can I use probe data for progress notes?
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In this article, we discuss how probe data can be incorporated into your students' progress notes.

The process is similar to creating a progress report.

To start, click on the blue icon under Progress Report Data.

Once the Configure Progress Report Page populates, you now have the ability to include probe data into your progress note. To include probe data, select Probe under Data to Include. Click Generate Report.

After clicking Generate Report, you will see the probe data populate into the Progress Note, as well as on the graph (pink star icon/line).

Bonus: In addition to the Progress Report feature, the Probe Matrix provides great information for progress notes, such as the date the probe was taken, the student's accuracy, as well the student's accuracy on specific items.

To learn more about generating the probe matrix, click here.

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