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Can I collect different types of data?
Can I collect different types of data?
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We have five different types of data that can be collected: percentage, ratio, text, occurrence, and probe data.

Percentage: This is the most commonly used data type.
Example: The student will answer wh- questions with 80% accuracy.

Ratio: The denominator is consistent. We see the changes based on the numerator increasing or decreasing.
Example: The student will use words to request in 4 out of 5 opportunities.

Text: This is for a goal that doesn't require a denominator to track goal progress.

Example: The student will produce 8-10 utterances during one session.

Occurrence: This is for a goal that you need to count up the number of times a student exhibits the targeted skill. You can use the Live Data Collection Tool to click-count during a session.

Example: The student will use their device to initiate communication 10 times per session.

Probe: This is a feature that can be accessed through the Live Data Collection Tool. After probe data is collected, it will populate on the graph and in the gray Probe Accuracy box above the graph. Click here for more information on how to collect probe data.

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