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How do I create a progress report note?
How do I create a progress report note?
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SLP Now can streamline your progress reporting process in just a few simple steps. Watch the video below, or scroll through this post for the written steps on how to create a progress note.

1. Click on Caseload.

2. Click on the blue icon under the Progress Report Date column. Check out this article if you don't see that column on your Caseload page.

The date will populate in this column once you generate a progress note.

3. Customize the Start Date, End Date, Student Details, Goal Details, and Data Points (if needed). Select the Data to Include by checking or unchecking the boxes.

An example of what your progress note will look like will be generated based on your selections.

4. Once you have customized your progress report template, click on Generate Report in the top right corner.

5. Select from the Progress drop-down to select a Progress Statement.

Use the Accuracy Goal information to easily compare the student's progress with the mastery criterion for the goal. You can also scroll down to view the student's data on a graph to help you decide which statement is applicable.

6. After you select the Progress Statement, the progress note will populate in the text box. Now click Next Goal in the top right corner. Complete this step for each Goal Stem and Stem Level.

7. Once you have added Progress Statements for all of your Goal Stems and Stem Levels, click Finish. This will take you back to the Caseload view.

8. To access the newly created progress note, find the student on your Caseload tab then click into their profile.

Then click on Notes.

Here, you can 1) sign off on the note 2) copy the note to your virtual clipboard 3) edit the note, and 4) delete the note using the corresponding buttons.

You can also batch print to print all of your students' progress notes at the same time by using the Bulk Actions feature on the Caseload page.

Bonus: You can also use probe data to streamline your progress report system!

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